Monday, November 25, 2013

How I Got Here

As I approach this review journal and reflect on my reviewing history I came to a realization that seems very “Duh.” to me.

As an adult, the cycle of reading for me has changed. The process of being intrigued by a story, to hesitantly reading the first few paragraphs, to diving into a chapter and to step back and review it is less magical.

I look at my past I am amused at it's carefree voice. Is it inexperience perhaps?

Time, age, and knowledge that has moved me from there to here? A part of me wants to reach out and recapture that youthful abandon I had towards reading stories, but the adult in me stays my hand because it knows.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

What I Am

I've always loved reading and critiquing other peoples stories. It was my favorite part of English when I was in school. Though I never really met another student with the same passion as writing for me - many that I met enjoyed poetry, which while appreciated is not a written art I can identify with.

Everything about storytelling makes me happy. Even bad ones because they still tell a story.

I try to be fair and not too nit-picky in the things I review. I will most likely pick up where I left off on my old Livejournal I had dedicated to reviewing fanfictions (primarily) and books.

For funs and giggles (and for myself!) the link to that old journal is here:

But now is the time for something new!